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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

200th Post - (100 posts in 3.5 months)

Last year October (22 Oct, 2007) Innovation Crafting completed 2 years - and the 100th post to the blog

Then I promised that next 100 posts will take half the time (12 months).... Today I am completing the 200th post to Innovation Crafting... It is unbelievable (it took 3.5 months to complete next 100 posts) -

Am I hooked on to this - ! I promised myself on an average of 1 post a day (as per LEAN THINKING) - I am trying to keep that pace - though it is not easy... yet I think if one focus on doing it - it is feasible ... I proved to myself ! I am doing it...

Why am I doing this? I think, it is a sort of a feeling of achievement at the end of the day... obviously everyday I cant write something --- yet it happens on an average - one per day...

Further there is encouragement from my friends - whose lead and direction I follow - James Todhundter's Blog experiments and changes I just copied as is and he gave me feedback that he liked the new look Innovation Crafting -- (Thanks James, you know it is changes are stolen from your blog - the very interesting and who is reading my blog - i just picked from your blog)

Next in line - from whose blogs I am planning to steal the goodies are Prakash, Karthik and Shambu

Watch Out Guys!


Prakash is a true blue TRIZNik...

After starting the TRIZ INDIA FORUM and planning in ORGANIZING India's first Innovation Unconference or BarCamp He is onto the Next - which is India's first TRIZ Conference.

I think this will be a great event.. Bringing the India TRIZ Community together and exchanging notes and thoughts in developing TRIZ and Innovation in India will be fantastic ...

and more over it is long overdue!!!

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