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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Ideality TRIZ and software Design - review in Japanese

My Software Design paper - ideality and TRIZ thinking has been reviewed in Japanese as well!

Have a look at the LINK HERE (IF you can follow JAPANESE)

A machine translation of the content I am posting below

■ "Ideality, TRIZ and software Design-Software Product for Identity Security"
Bhushan Presenter: Navneet Bhushan
[Summary: Commentary
TRIZ in the proposed Ideality (ideal), zero cost and zero harmful to the state and useful means to achieve a state of the software systems, and multi-functional system can be preoccupied with life-prolonging life Many said. Such a software system based on the characteristics, I have defined the function and structure ideal (structure), based on ideals with regard to both the ideal should be to pursue the proposal.
Network Until the ideal of quantitative mathematical model (this case is the Social Network Analysis of matrix theory and philosophy) to measure how little there have been suggestions that this is very new initiatives and noted be announced.

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