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Friday, June 06, 2008

Insightful Journey - Sunil's Blog

Two days back I met Sunil Raghunathan, we had a general discussion. Sunil is ex-colleague and a good friend. Our discussion shifted to strategy and somehow to semi conductor industry. Sunil, as usual, was quick to create a framework on the fly to analyze and strategize the semiconductor industry.

Sunil weblogs at Insightful Journey.

He very quickly created and posted the Value chain based analysis of semi-conductor industry at his blog here.
Further one can read the value chain analysis at google docs

This is amazing result of a discussion over a cup of coffee!

When can we have a cup of coffee again Sunil?

Management by Motivation

Prasanna characterized my style of management as "Management by Motivation" in the comment a previous post.

Well this is an interesting characterization. I have been getting this feedback from many people about the way they are motivated while working with me. To be fair to myself, and keeping my rationality as is, I assume what they say are actually what they believe. If that assumption is correct, then the concept of management by motivation is a pleasant surprise to me. Does the way I work motivates all. I am sure that is incorrect.

I think there are certain type of people who get motivated - may be thats what they really want to do. I have never consciously tried to motivate anyone. There is no method - where I make it a point to do a pep talk or give a motivational stroke to people around me.

However, being a management researcher, I think, Prasanna may have some way to articulate whatever he has seen of me as Management by motivation. How does management through motivation happens.

Do I give positive feedback always? Do I create an environment where people automatically get motivated to go beyond what they are doing? I dont think so. However, is there a method of management by motivation that can be abstracted and used to build a new organization structure - This definitely is a great research question to explore.

Thanks Prasanna for your articulation. I think this is an interesting area of research for me.

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