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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Time to start the new field of Innovation Science

I really think, it makes great sense to explore the world of Innovation - we need to build this field of explaining Innovation. Taking a leaf from Sciences of the Artificial by Herbert Simon, I propose that we start the field of INNOVATION SCIENCE

The field will explore and explain the structure of Innovation, explain the processes of Innovation and develop repeatable hypothesis regarding the efficacy of Innovation.

I invite all to start this field -

This is something that Altshuller tried to explain - when he started the quest for a Theory of Inventive Problem Solving or TRIZ (if we go for Russian acronym) - I believe we need to really take this work forward, combine with the Sciences of the artificial with the practicality and natural evolution of Lean thinking especially Lean Product Development - to create the new science of Innovation.

These three thinking dimensions and methododlogies - TRIZ, Lean and System Thinking is the part of a new framework that I have developed I call it the LEAN INVENTIVE SYSTEM THINKING (LIST) which I am offering as a one day workshop at TRIZCON 2008 - We can meet and discuss it further at the TRIZCON 2008 as well!

Science Blogs - Basic Science List

The Scienceblogs - Basic Concepts in Science List is a great source for exploring what is happening in the science - it also builds on its own - sort of wikipedia types...

nevertheless if one reads the list and the posts linked one can get a fantastic view of the Science expansion...It has topics raging from evolution to information science

I believe it will be a good source to keep in your favorites!!

The Recursive Universe

After posting my 20 years old Science Fiction story and renaming it "Hypothesis of Recursive Universe", I googled "Recursive Universe" - lo and behold -there are more than 4000 hits!!!!

There is William Poundstone's book (I read his Game Theory book - which is Neumann's life really!) The Recursive Universe: Cosmic Complexity and the Limits of Scientific Knowledge

To top it all, Physics Forum people are discussing RECURSIVE UNIVERSE!

It is exciting to go back to 20 years old thought! and revisit one's mind's history! I will come back on this - but reminds me of always try to capture the thought in some way !

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