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Monday, February 11, 2008

Innovation BarCamp Bangalore

The Innovation Barcamp is slated to happen at Bangalore on 23rd Feb. Prakash, the key force behind this camp calls it the Icamp.

I must congratulate Prakash for organizing it. I know it will be a grand success. We have amazing topics and brilliant speakers spending their saturday together at the Icamp

lets look at Bloggers/Site owners who are speaking

Then look at the topics on which they are speaking

Not Decided
HOW are we innovating?
What is the right age to start innovating?
Innovation - Is it an inborn quality or can it be learnt?
How large companies kill innovation and how to revive it?
Is Innovation a new fad - new bottle, old wine?
Is there an emerging model of globalization, complexity and innovation?
Challenges of Intrapreneurship?
Design Driven Development: Art of Innovation
Does process aid or inhibit the creative mind?: A knowledge cafe experience
Does the impact of an idea depend on the now? - relevance or irrelevance of an idea with reference to a time parameter
Top down or Bottom up? Which works for Innovation within an organization?
Innovation - Execution, Challages for a tartup
Globalization and Innovation
Building an Innovation/Creativity/Design Community
Can we develop a knowledge based theory of the firm? Can we audit the knowledge to innovation to ip value chain?
Innovation a Function of Passion
Is Innovation thinking outside the box (or) Figuring out the edges of box in the first place?
Innovation Management: A Formal Course for MBA Institutions

I liked the first topic - NOT DECIDED - Looks like thats going to be the most interesting topic!

I am already looking at 100+ registrations - well - this is way beyond imagination!

Looks like it is going to be one BIG INNOVATION UNCONFERENCE ---- Way to go Prakash!

See you all at the Barcamp!

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