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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Co-Creationization Guru CK Prahalad

The report here talks about C K Prahalad's guideline for New world. He says

'From mass production to mass customisation, we are now heading towards personalised co-creation. This means the focus is shifting from vertical efficiencies to creating of nodal chains,'

As I see it, we are talking about a continuous innovation through continuous social interactive c0-creation!

Information Technology is at the center of it! Are we ready to embrace this Hurricane, quickly!

Lean Product Development, Theory of Evolution

The above picture from my paper at last year's TRIZCON explain's the Lean Product Development - the way evolution should be looked at as "Elimination of the weakest" rather than "Survival of the Fittest".

As we start looking at evolution as elimination of the weakest, may be the competition to be the so called best may slow down and world may actually be less stressful, well, may be!

My Strengths

I asked about 9 months back, few of my colleagues on what are my strengths (July 2007).
They provided me with the following picture.
My colleagues were very keen to describe my weaknesses as well. But since I categorically refused to know my weaknesses, they had no option but to find my strengths only. I must say they did a remarkable job as after 9 months I still look at the emergent picture and see these as my strengths.
Accentuate Strengths was a principle that I learnt and am trying to maximize my strengths!

Google Trends - Innovation Quality , Globalization

Revisiting Google trends

Innovation Vs Quality

Globalization Vs Outsourcing Vs Offshoring

Do we think Outsourcing is the way to Globalize (may be one of the most important ways) your business?

Toyota - Vision and Philosophy

The Toyota's Vision and Philosophy website is mindblowing in terms of its richness and history. If you havent visited it, it makes sense to get into it - here

I liked the Toyota Traditions section. The Jan-Feb 2008 post quotes Chief Engineer Takeo Kondo as "to always exceed the expectations of our global customers in our continued pursuit of reliability, durability and off-road performance, and the second is always acknowledging the changing times, progressing technically while improving comfort for all our customers.”
These sort of messages are consistent in Toyota - from top to bottom - it is really an acknowledgement of focus on not success but how to detect and respond to next failure!

Customers Dont know - Suppliers dont know

Some years back US Department of defence talked about Capabilities based strategy, rather than platform or elements based startegy to take care of uncertain future threats. The idea being in an uncertain threat scenario - meaning who will be your ememy in future you cant know upfront - the ke capabilities developed will be enmeshed to create a just in time response to the emerging threat.
In the new world of work, the so called co-creation is becoming more and more evident. The customers dont know what they need and suppliers dont know what customers need. The process is to bring together customer capabilities and supplier capabilities together just in time to craft specific solutions for the client.

Looks like it is the begining of end of Standardization practices... It is newness of each and every customer that will take the business ahead - the co-creationization is the next step to globalization!

Visits to Innovation Crafting - The Clustr Maps

Number of visitors to Innovation Crafting for last 20 days or so are about 368 - This I would not have known but for the ClustrMaps ( Further it gives me the bubbles from across the world and I suddenly feel responsible for what I am writing on the blog. As all of you who hit the blog should get something.

The Innovation S-curve

Innovation is a Human trait. Mind of the Innovator's plays a major role. Further, it is Innovator's resolve to take dreams and convert them into fruitful actions that differentiates Innovation from mere ideas. I have designed various stages of Innovation S curve when the resolve of the Innovator comes into picture and the innovator has to keep the specific thoughts in his mind. I call it the Innovation S-curve - Resolve-Time Stages

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