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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

351st Post, Chaos Theory for Forecasting

This is the 351st post to the blog - an important milestone for me

Can the principles of chaos theory help in our forecasting techniques?

I found a very interesting paper from the book,

Managing Organizational Complexity: Philosophy, Theory, and Application
A Volume in: Managing the Complex, pages 167-182.
2005 by Information Age Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1-59311-319-6 (cloth), 1-59311-318-8 (paper)

The paper is

Liu Hong and Kurt A. Richardson

They explain the forecasting as

Trajectory Predicting
Range Forecasting
Qualitative Futuring

The import of the paper for me is that before getting into any forecast one need to understand how much of system is composed of what are called strange attractors or for that matter other attractors.

Given our obsession with forecasting - technological, business and what not, it is important to understand what are we forecasting and what really can be the limits to accuracy of forecasts!

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