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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Thermodynamics by Enrico Fermi

In 1936 Enrico fermi wrote a book titled Thermodynamics - I bought the book - the unabridged Dover edition 1956 in 2001.

I recently opened it to read and liked it very much!

Fermi states in the preface

" Thermodynamics is mainly concerned with the transformations of heat into mechanical work and the opposite transformations of mechanical work into heat". Only in recent times have physicists recognized that heat is a form of energy that can be changed into other forms of energy.

He further states," ... The study of heat must be considered as a special branch of mechanics: the mechanics of an ensemble of such an enormous number of particles (atoms or molecules) that the detailed description of the state and the motion loses importance and only average properties of large number of particles can be considered. This branch of mechanics called statistical mechanics which has been developed mainly through the work of Maxwell, Boltzmann, and Gibbs, has led to a very satisfactory understanding of the fundamental thermodynamical laws."

Can this be the way to look at the new fields of large Networks and large complex systems?
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