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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Enterprise Mega Trends

Overall some new realization in the Enterprises, I call them the Enterprise Megatrends

1. Networks are ON, the network thinking is still in infancy in Enterprises
2. The Natural Networks are "Small World" Networks - including Internet
3. Organizations are "Living Organisms" - The Mechanistic View is completely Outdated
4. From "what you measure you know" to "what you create you learn" is a big shift
5. C4I2SR (Command Control Communication Computers Information Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance) of the Spider Organizations should become the social network of continuous co-creation of the Starfish Organizations
6. Learning is the key and in fact is the basis of everything that we do, However, bigger key is unlearning the previous learning - in the light of new evidence - to be ready to let go of past successes is not easy and requires very very deep capability!

Enterprises are not designed to learn!
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