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Saturday, May 31, 2008

When we Move on ....

Yesterday I finished my stint at my current employer as head of Innovation. It is not an end rather the new begining to start - A dream that few friends and I are pursuing. After teaching everyone the need to be an entrepreneur, it doesnt go by my nature to not to practice what I preach.

Although its a new begining and excitement of new brings a new energy, yet I was filled with heavy emotions on leaving some of the team members of my team at the Innovation labs.

Prasanna who is pursuing his PhD and is a first rate researcher gifted me an almost rare book - Management by Consciousness - from Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. I intend to read it quickly. Thank you Prasanna! I look forward to collaborate on some of the research papers together! Some how I find something similar in our research approach!

Nagatanuj - the highly energetic and impressionable young engineer in our lab gifted me the New Age of Innovation by Prahalad and Krishnan. I have been blogging about it N=1 and R=G formula. Now I have to get the details and may be I will Blog more. Thank you Nagatanuj, I know you will achieve great heights, just focus on what YOU want to do!

The media lab - somehow I was able to connect with them maximum - Arun Bose, Nithya and Somassri - these are the communication design experts - they create continuously and every time exclusively - its amazing how much creativity is inherent in them. Their gift a small time keeper with a geometrical design happens to unique and I shall cherish their inputs for life. Thanks a LOT media team - you are the best part of the lab. Keep this orginality intact!

I have received many emails in response to my last email. I shall respond individually. However, suffice it to say, acquanitances do not matter - it is the bonding that we have built through shared experiences that will propel me further.

I look forward to co-creation or what we call Co-crafting Innovation through
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