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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lean Product Development - Conference Notes

Ellen Domb recently attended the Lean product development conference. She was kind enough to send the report and notes link to me.
Here it is The Lean Product Development Symposium Notes

Lean in Software is also there!
Connecting to contents and inner links to presentations as well

Links indicate the presentations that we have received permission to post. They are in PDF form and some of them are quite large. We suggest that you download the larger ones rather than opening them directly in your web browser.
Rich Gildersleeve (>40 MB)
Dan Shoenhair
Dantar Oosterwal
Durward Sobek
Bo Oppenheim

Ron Marsiglio
Reaz Rasul
Sarah McCarvill
Michael Kennedy (>20 MB)
Open Exchange Session Summaries
Here are the reports from the Open Exchange sessions in alphabetical order by topic.
All Session Reports (link to follow)
Customer Needs and Requirements
Global Product Development
Integration Events
Knowledge Creation
Lean and QFD (link to follow)
Lean Software Development
Set-Based Concurrent Engineering
Software Tools
True Innovation
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