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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Accentuate Strengths - feedback to me

Some weeks back Nagatanuj from our lab conducted a session where everyone was suppose to give positive points about everyone in round robin manner. It was a great feeling to only accentuate strengths.

Below are what people gave me as my strengths!

  • Increased Team Interactions
  • Very friendly, humble, smiling always
  • Flexible, easy to approach
  • All in all (Knowledge terms!)
  • Very good management skills and Communicate to the team in a well-defined manner
  • An excellent leader, good communicator, I admire him for his humourous way of presentation and experimental attitude
  • Understanding, friendly, appreciates and motivates everyone. Very positive and makes others too even for doing undesired changes
  • Highly learned, practical approach, down-to-earth, great leadership skills, converting scientific knowledge into practical applications
  • Excellent Motivator, great and nice human being
  • The most jovial and wise man in Innovation

This is a good excercise in my opinion - it builds the team and creates an inner strength that can help individuals to go beyond!

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