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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Google Trends - Web 2.0 Vs ERP

I am really hooked on to Google Trends today ....! Anyway

Web 2.0 is the next big thing for Enterprises! (Or is it the current Big think) - Just lets see how it compares with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) on Google Trends...

Is Web 2.0 going to eat into ERP! or ERP vendors need a web 2.0 strategy - I think they need it immediately!

Google Trends - India China

Since we are at Google Trends and flavor of the times is India and China - Just look at how India and China on Google Trends fare...

Seach Volume - India consistently outperforms China,

News Reference - There seems to be more News about China

May be China is not so open - and India is so open that what is India becomes very complex - hence individuals want to search more ....

Can anyone interpret these trends?

Globalizing Innovation CompleXity

Was just tracking three trends (using Google trends)

1. Globalization

2. Innovation

3. Complexity

4. Lets see the three trends together (GIX - Globalizing Innovation Complexity)

What can we see - Innovation is way heavy in Google...

I think with Innovation is needed to - Increase Globalization and Take care of complexity - hence people are trying to get answers from GOOGLE on how to Innovate!

The cut-off US$ Indian Rupee Value when IT Offshoring becomes non-lucrative

Indian Rupee has been rising against US Dollar. For last 5 years it has changed from INR 48 per USD to around INR 39 per USD. (See the Yahoo Chart above- For current value go to Yahoo finance

The question to ask is what is the cut-off when the Indian IT offshoring story becomes less lucrative or in fact reduces to normal business (5% profit margins)?

Couple the reducing $ with increasing salaries of Indian IT companies - we need to get this number (the Cut-off INR-USD Rate) right. I call it the COOT (Currency Offshore-Outsourcing Threshold). In my opinion, COOT for 2008 is 30 (1 USD = 30 INR)

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