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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bouquet of Thoughts

The article above is a very interesting way of writing or thriving in diversity. It says, it is not about one idea - but collection of recently articulated ideas that we cant create a story on. Thus the writer decided to write all these together as a single piece...

Networking : Win-Win Problem solving
Immigration (Come from far Away CFA workers) : Not a silver bullet yet retaining foreign students through certification is needed
Leadership: great leadership correlates to good things (I am not sure whether Great things happening imply great leadership as well :))
Mission Statements : Great if they mean something (e.g. " Yes, We Can")
Measuring Success: Compare with the best in the Globe not best in my own house!
Education: Will determine Success!! There is no other way.

This is really a great way to write an article, by the way!
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