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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Do-it-yourself - The Age of Co-creationization

Do-it-yourself jeans
Travel Companies
Interiors of a Car including the music system
Exterior Paints for the new Car - Your individual personality should reflect in your Car!
Paint your home software
Customer Designed Jewelley
From ready to wear TO made to measure clothes
Designing your own games on Xbox 360

The article however is not able to think towards the trend - It is about Co-Creationization of the world. The producers should provide sub-systems, modules, ready to make components, let the customer create. This is the start of the scenario ... It is when every customer goes to the design factory to co-create the product the customer needs along with you - through virtual or real immersion the age of co-creation will reach full bloom. You need a Jeans - why dont you design - Logon to levi's and vitually talk to the guy in the factory who will create the jean that you need - u dont need to go to a store dear - you are on your laptop or your palmtop driving through the busy evening train back home from work- you design your Jeans, you design your beds, bedsheets, you design your own, create and njoy the process along with the guys who are ready to work on your product for you... obviously they dont know what you really Need - But do you know what you need!!!!
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