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Monday, August 27, 2007

Co-Creationization of FIAT 500

The New FIAT 500 is being created in a much more involved manner with customers engaged in

1. Design: buyers (8000 of them) designed the accessories through the Fiat website ! {WOW}
2. Launch: generated themes for the advertisement of the car!!! {WOW}
3. Customization: The emotional way to describe the car accessories {{{{{WOW}}}}
4. Customization of Web site: for individual. My car has a web site and it is designed by me !!! {WOW}}}}}}}}

Customer Involvement - in fact ownership experience is absolutely fantastic - 57000 cars sold in first month July 07!!!!!

Well, How can we involve users of our services/products in ownership experience !!!!!!!! Dear CXO's you have to think - else co-creationists will eat your businessess very quickly.......
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