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Sunday, August 12, 2007

THINK - "BIG" will Happen

I have been thinking about "THINK BIG" - the cliched statement that everybody tells us mere mortals. Self-help books, to Big achievers, Business tycoons, university profs, Business gurus and political leaders.

I realize - it is about "THINKING" - there seems to an almost unsurmountable inertia in all of us to start "THINKING" - How do we think - how our mind want us to remain in the patterns that we are use to - actually create mountains of our stable patterns. These stable patterns are such a sucker points that all our thoughts get regionalized or attracted to these Strange Attractors - Basins of attraction. It is important to get triggers to think out of these BrainHoles.

The topmost question that we should be asking everyday " How I can do, what ever I am doing now, differently"?

Second question "How this time whatever I did, how much it was different than the previous time I did this thing?"

Did you brush your teeth differently today?

If not - get up and find out a way to brush your teeth differently right now.....

Once you start thinking this way - believe me - the so called BIG will happen - you dont have to start thinking BIG - but just start thinking of doing whatever you are doing in a different way?...
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