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Sunday, August 26, 2007

System-of-Systems Thinking - a move away from Stovepipes

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Command Control Communications Computers Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems are the central nerves of the modern military. The revolution in military affairs (RMA) has been achieved due to rapid and massive (it is really the momentum achieved) advances that these systems have taken that has revolutionized the way we conduct war. However, people the army doctrines and thinking hasnot kept pace with these advances - it continues to be Command control, hierarchical and autocratic - The new systems demands network thinking the so called system of systems thinking...

It is in the integrated rapid and massive response to any threat that the prinicples of success lies. At least military is thinking of changing its thinking...

Are our commercial business organizations listening!!! If they dont listen quickly, this time, it will be late, as their employees can have networked thinking with like minded people outside their stovepipes and create solutions that command and control organizations cant do anything - It is in networking and creating a common pool of solution creators that the key lies.
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