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Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Upcoming Design Structure Matrix Conference in Munich, Germany

The 9th International Design/Dependency Structure Matrix conference is slated to be held in Munich, Germany (16-18 October 2007). This time it is organized in collaboration with BMW . After having participated in the previous two DSM conferences (DSM 2005, DSM 2006) held in collaboration with Boeing , I can say, the 9th conference promises to be more wider and richer as DSM theory and applications are expanding beyond the initial arenas.

For the uninitiated, DSM is a remarkably simple way to structure complexity of any system and hence an aid to innovation and problem solving. I have used it for project planning, system design, system architecture, enterprise architecture analysis, large scale software system analysis, business re-engineering, etc.

Explore DSM - you may be able to reach the simplicity on the other side of complexity much faster!!

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