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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Complexity of dealing with the company

Microsoft has realized the folly of making it complex to deal with it. In a very interesting move Microsoft is focussing on reducing the complexity of dealing with it for its partners. Better late than Never. Yet... Microsoft should do well to understand - the complexity that is needed and complexity that is non-value adding - which is really the source of Entropy in the relationship.

It is indeed important to look at your value net (your company's relationships with your suppliers, complementers, customers and competitors) - Can you reduce the Non-value adding complexity in the links in the value net!!!

How to do it is next step? First is to find out where in the links is the Entropy!!

Why do we Play?

After the recent Cricket Test series between England and India - Sunny Gavaskar, the legendary Indian opening batsman, remarked, that with every century or a fifty or a difficult innings - the first clappings he wanted to look for was from dressing room. This is a very interesting point - we donot play for galleries, not for TV, not for even money, not for fame, it is the appreciation and a sense of bonding with the other members of the team that make your work meaningful. It is all about the team with whom you live day-in and day-out! really!

I am reminded of Bana Singh - the Param Vir Chakra winner of Indian Army who single handedly demolished an enemy post in Siachin glacier and yet lived on to tell the tale. His reasons, his section (the team members) were wounded by the enemy and it was his duty to destroy the enemy for the team. It is the immediate relationships with your team that propel you to go beyond.

Indeed there is nothing more than the power of teams! Yet have we ever realize how important our team is to us!!!!!

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