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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Simulation, Evolution, Innovation Speed and TRIZ

"'We saw a large speedup, for instance, when we repeatedly exchanged an 'OR' for an 'AND' in the computer code defining our goals, thus changing the relationship between subgoals." The quote from the article available here, indicates an important feature of how we innovate.

The above simulation of the human evolution showed a speed by changing conditions (choice) of this Vs That to This AND That. We want both - want to have the cake and eat it too. This is exactlly what Altshuller, the creator of Theory of Inventive Problem solving (TRIZ) found - the best inventions are those that provide both the capabilities of the contradictory parameters of a system.

This he found is a thinking method to speed up the process of finding Innovative solutions to inventive problems!!!

Co-Create with Nature - The need of the Hour

"Humans are not separate from their environment, and the environments of different countries are not separate from each other; what we experience in one region of the world is intimately connected to what people experience in other regions; what happens to natural global systems also happens to all of us." - The quote from the article available at political affairs site, opens one's eyes to the need of the hour to co-create with nature. Nature is our customer as well as supplier too!

This is a unique relationship. Generally, businesses squeeze suppliers and fool customers - well that was last millennium. The new world demand co-creation with suppliers and customers simultaneously.

Are we co-creating with our natural supplier and natural customer!

MBA with a Difference

The enterprising students of the National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) in Mumbai, supported by a visionary Professor, Dr T Prasad at the institute, have come up with this unique concept of “Student Companies (SCs)”, which can spawn a new generation of young entrepreneurs in the country "

This is a new Co-Creationization trend! where students (who are the customers of the Institute) and the Institute actually co-create student companies to learn how to do it..... Fantastic!

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