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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

50th Post of the Year 2007!!!!


In 2007 this is my 50th post to the blog. Out of which almost 70% has come in the month of August!

The reason is I have taken time off from my work for a month+ - to be in between jobs is a great time to read, study, learn and think. I believe this is needed. Earlier I never did this break between jobs - and I must say, if one can, one should take time off while in between jobs to look inside yourself, search for answers inside your own self. May be thats our spiritual quest anyway.

I have read long-pending books lying on my shelf. Although there are more to read. But that always will be. More important this time however has been the daily (well-almost) blogging enteries I was able to make. Google news of what I term Globalizing Innovation Complexity (GIX) did help me. India won the Cricket test series against England - although a little defensive, as I was hoping 2-0 result not 1-0. The one-day series is interestingly poised. Watched the movie Chak-de India as well. Found it to be very good as was Gandhi-My father - More than the Harilal played by Akshay Khanna, I liked the Gandhi. He was superb.

India is poised ( after the 60th anniversary of Independence - 15th August) - New President - the first woman president after the most mind-blowing president scientist in our history - Dr Kalam, Economy poised with possibility of double digit growth per year - well - we also have to contend with Hyderabad terrorist blasts, Police brutalities shown live on TV, Cinestars going or coming out to Jail for old crimes that they did - Justice delayed colours the perception as well... India floating a detailed requirements for fighter planes - 126 planes - this is going to be a big fight Mig35, F-18, F16, Grippen, Rafale, in the fight. Hope the deal will not go like the BVR (beyond Visual range) missiles the planes will be carrying. For me - India should have odered 5 squadrons of Mirage 2000 and 4more squadrons of SU-30MKI to make the balance - hoping LCA will be there by 2010 - well hope is what we all live on!!!

I hope to continue to write next 50 enteries this year - to complete the century in 2007!!!!
I think it is really my Ego that urges me to write - Right. Well, may be!

Lego Toys, Creativity and Organizational Development

Lego training helps workers boost creativity

Lego toys are teaching corporates to enhance creativity.
This is not a real discovery. We all have seen how relaxing is solving a puzzle in a game-play scenario. In fact, one of my pet themes have been to design Work as a Game. Further, all of us prefer to do something with our hands and mind (sudoko, crosswords, etc).

In my workshops, I have designed games using simple paper boats and paper airplanes, which have been enjoyed by delegates who simply havent done these complex tasks since their childhood. And they absolutely were thrilled by playing these games - may be going back to childhood days is what enhances creativity - as we all know our creativity at age 40 is just 2% of what we had at age 5

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