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Saturday, August 09, 2008

decision frameworks

Some years back Gartner published the Business Decision Frameworks (Not necessarily developed by Gartner)

1. SWOT Analysis

Framework for quickly isolating the key issues relevant to a business solution

2. Value Disciplines

Plots three areas in which a company may like to excel, each producing a different kind of value for customer

Operational excellence

Customer intimacy

Product leadership

3. Core Competencies matrix

A framework that identifies the existing core competencies or new core competencies that may be needed

4. Balanced Scorecard

A comprehensive measurement based approach that manages a business by measuring performance in 4 areas

5. Forces of Competition

five forces of competition that organization should keep on radar screen

6. Generic Competitive Strategies

7. Channel Conflict Strategy

8. Assess the impact of its channel partners

9. Enterprise wide information management Model

10. Mindset Differences

11. Value chain analysis

12. Seven S’s

13. Financial Services Strategic Planning Model

14. MIT 90’s Framework

15. Change Governance

16. Four Responses to Change

17. Typical hype curve


Four Futures Methodologies

Delphi Technique

Environmental Scanning

Issues Management

Emerging Issues Analysis


Scenario Writing

Crisis or Seminar Gaming

are some of the other techniques

Solving Magic Boxes, Sudokos and Array of numbers - Prediction Methodology

Well the problem is the following

In the following rectangular array ofnumbers - can you predict the value of X's - all values take from {1,2,3,4 or 5}

1 5 X 4 X 5 X 2 3 X X X 4
X X X X X 5 X 5 1 X X X 2
X X X 4 4 4 4 4 3 1 1 2 X
1 3 4 4 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2
3 4 5 5 2 5 3 3 4 1 1 1 1

Freedom is must for Innovation

Nisargadatta Maharaj in "I Am That"

"To be, just be, is important. You need not ask anything, nor do anything. Such an apparently lazy way of spending time is highly regarded in India. It means that for the time being you are free from the obsession with "what next". When you are not in hurry and mind is free from anxieties, it becomes quiet and in the silence something may be heard which is ordinarily too fine and subtle for perception. The mind must be open and quiet to see."

"Teachers - there are many, fearless disciples - very few"

"Try to be, only to be. All important word is 'try'.

" If you persevere, there can be no failures".

" Into self-awareness all blessings flow".

I dont know - but I feel these are conditions for Innovation everywhere as well.

Is Innovation farce?

Is Innovation - the talk about Innovation by management, systematic processes, key frame shift techniques, or random triggers and management processes a Farce?

Are there higher order processes - beyond mind that actually create change - much radical change?

I really think we need - or at least I need deeper inquiry into these questions?

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