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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Am I an Office Clown?

This is a very nice question to ask? Am I an office clown - The article tells that office clown behaviour springs from a sense of insecurity and a craving for attention. The office clowns are liked by people but they reduce the productivity of the organization as they create non-seriousness about everything.

There are other forms that this insecurity gets reflected in the behaviour of the people - one they eat up the available bandwidth by talking endlessly about "I" "Me" or "I" disguised as "We" - the disguise cant hold on for long - everyone sees it is "I". "I" of the insecure person is very dangerous especially if the person is the boss -

Further our education system - trains us to speak more - group discussions - be there to expres your point of view - I am yet to find a teaching and training school that teaches "How to listen attentively, with empathy and with active triggers". Having had the good fortune to work with some great men in my professional life - I can vouch for the remarkable ability these people have to listen. This is an ability that makes them great - active listening - even clowns can transform themselves into active listening if use there humour as active triggers to extend the speakers talk or topic...This is not a difficult task for clowns if communicated properly - yet the insecurities need to be taken care of - then there is a behaviour that is naturally creative - Was Richard Feynman - the Nobel prize winning physicist - a clown? The creative clown needs to be distinguished from the pure attention seeking clown.

How to be a creative clown if you really are a clown - with disciplined listenin g capability - will make you achieve more? Are all the insecure clowns listening -
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