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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Innovation @ Economist

Many have seen the Economist report on Innovation, I am sure.

I read it with an interest to gain some insight. Besides stating the obvious - that Open Innovation is the new thing and India China are the new Innovation Tsunamis that America should be aware of (As is US has the sole monopoly on Innovation, and if anyone else Innovates, it is a threat to US) - nothing of really deep insight emerged from the set of articles.

Am I reading too many of these surveys, reports etc, or there remains this fuzziness in the Innovation Landscape that insights are impossible to emerge - That remains a point to ponder for me.

Well so be it - One point in the set of articles in Economist though is that "Innovation requires freedom - and Mass Innovation requires mass freedom" - Globalizing Innovation will require globalizing freedom. If freedom can be globalized, Innovation will be globalized and in fact fuel globalization to ward of the complexity.

This is happening anyway, whether any existing powerful nations or corporations are threatened or not - GIX is here and happening rapidly...
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