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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Evolutionary Approach to Innovation

The forthcoming paper in IBM Systems Journal titled A Model for CIO led innovation brings to the forefront the people centric model of leveraging all minds in the enterprise for innovation. This is what Toyota has been practicing however not necessarily through collaborative technologies as IBM model has played out but through non-automated people based processes that focus on problem solving by the people who are facing it - then the Kaizen sessions in a way are real collaborative problem solving methods.

Similary in the product design methods - for example Toyota's Set-based Concurrent Engineering is nothing but an evolutionary approach to product design.

The Elegant Solution by Mathew May also points to the evolutionary approach to product design.

How ever as I explained in my paper in TRIZCON the evolutinary approach still miss out on how to solve problem and defining problem comprehensively where in TRIZ is fantastic - in fact I am yet to find a more powerful approach then TRIZ. Henc my proposal is for a combination of TRIZ with evolutionary approach (set-based concurrent engineering).
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