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Monday, October 29, 2007

Globalization - A New whipping topic?

Enterprises are facing major risk of globalization - a new study by IBM and Wharton business school says here.

Is the globalization a new whipping boy? After the political connotations of Globalization avataar's outsourcing and offshoring are being protested against, it is now the turn of technolgists as well. They obviously want to give technology solutions - forming an integarted financial organization will help the globalizing organization, as per the IBM study.

I believe it is much more than technology - what is needed is an approach thats is less control more creation, less management more on-its-own, less of post facto data analysis, more of empiricism and experimentation - less of hierarchies more of networks, less of pyramidal thinking more of all-inclusive thinking... Its a tough ask for people who are tuned to last century work ethics - dear Control freaks - wake up - world is self-organizing!

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