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Friday, October 12, 2007

Do we have enough ideas?

It seems many Innovation Consulting firms goes to enterprises telling that you have enough ideas in your organization it is only a question of taking the few right ideas and working on them in a structured fashion to make it successful.

Obviously this is exactly what some of the top managers also want - they can work (their teams actually) on the selected ideas for 2 years, while the consulting firm facilitate the idea journey and also charging the relevant(HEAVY) fees to create Quantum Changes in the organization.

I personally believe it is really about three main metrics - Number of ideas, number of minds that are ideating for the enterprise and the average life span of an idea in the enterprise. In terms of number of minds - the maximum is to let all the minds - working for and with your enterprise in the ideation mode. That seems to be the advise to South Africa as well in the newsitem here.
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