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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Creative Vs Methodological problem solving

There is a considerable debate and explanation of whether there can be a process for creative problem solving in contrast to methodological problem solving - Many believe creative problem solving is too creative to be reduced to a process. TRIZ enthusiasts differ here of course!

The new study provides an interesting verification of the difference between creative thinking and methodological problem solving. The Right brain is active more for creative thinking and also the diffused visual attention rather than the focussed attention on visual triggers. Very interesting indeed - if you are a good traffic navigator - and knows how to find a place in a crowded city you may be more methodical, while if you work on diffused visual inputs to imbibe a geography and use these for constructing or imagining your world - you may be more of a creative thinker.

The study however discovers another point - before the ideation process - what was the state of your mind - whether it was more right brained excited or left brain excited will impact how you solve the problem.

Well this confirms to a large extent the psychological inertia of core competence - we have been solving problems in a particular way through out our life - we will use the same thinking whatever be the problem. The engineering mind - always will reduce the problem into smaller more manageable problems while an artist will always try to construct patterns from observation.

Before the actual problem solving, I have found in my workshops as well, we need to prime the minds of the particpants into different methods by playing games or solving problems by different methods. Then the output of the workshop increases - better quantity and quality.
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