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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Institutionalizing Curiosity - Toyota Again

I have been avoiding posting Toyota for a month now. But its amazing how many people keep on discovering the company. I remember late 1990s when the flavour of the world was General Electric and its mercurial CEO - Jack Weltch. Yet Toyota has been the company that has created a long term systemtic effect in the world through an almost trivial set of common sensical principles. They seem trivial when one articulates - almost simplistic - yet they have proven to be profound and extremely difficult to imbibe - especially by the westernized Harvard influenced management thinking.

It is about people. And now comes a new book and its articulation as Institutionalizing Curiosity. The article ends with "These companies pioneered new products, discovered new markets, and created innovative approaches at a much faster rate than their competitors. They went ashore, and reaped the benefits of doing so." - Well its How fast you Innovate? The GIX Bang is about speed!
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