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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Forgetfulness, Tinkering and Increasing Noise - A sure shot strategy for Innovation

The new way for evolutinary innovation is following - in fact thats how our brain also functions (as per recent evidence)

1. FORGETFULNESS - I keep on quoting this from Khalil Gibran "Remembrance is a form of meeting and forgetfulness is a form of freedom" - well the article in New Scientist suggests that our mind becomes free for new things by using forgetfulness as a tool

2. CREATE MORE NOISE - I also keep on quoting from Hofstadter's Metamagical Themas - we need to explore non-sensible to create something new. Well the new theory suggests thats exactly how brain learns by creating more noise. We can observe this - people who goes to variety of expriences, travel a lot - either physically or mentally (for example voracious readers) have larger experince base to learn and hence create more.

3. TINKERING - Hostadter says "Creativity is a variation on a basic theme" - nothing but tinkering from existing concepts, processes and changing few knobs and seeing what happens and then doing some more - suddenly a new things emerges - this I call the continuous experimentation. Well the Kaizens are also considered tinkering.

So the Innovators of the world - Forget repeated similar experiences, create more dissimilar experiences - noise, and tinker continuously with whatever you are doing - This is recipe for continuous innovation.
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