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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Key Frameworks for Enterprises

Do you think “Decision Making” is your and your Team’s Strength?
Do you think “Problem Solving” and “Innovation” is your and your Team’s Strength?
Do you Manage Crisis all the times in all the projects or most of the times? Or do you avoid Crisis?
Do you and your Team always know the Value you are delivering to your Customer?
Are you able to accurately measure and reflect yours and your teams Productivity?

Most of us will have difficulty in answering these questions towards positive side - At best we may say "May be". I believe entrprises need SYSTEMS not Processes for all these to be answered "Yes Definitely". So what do we really need - 4 Key Frameworks

1. Customer Value Framework

2. Decision Engineering Framework

3. Innovation Crafting Framework

4. Knowledge Worker Productivity Framework

The Knowledge worker productivity framework is must. This is looking at the knowledge work as a means of creating the new enterprise rather than it being reduced to a factory of mass production.
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