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Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Billion $ Long Term IT Contracts

The 1.2 Billion $ contract won by TCS indicates the shape of things that we will be seeing from now onwards. For those who view this at the lower end of the Value Spiral, please read the details -

"In addition, the scope of the partnership includes setting up an innovation centre for next generation businesses in information and media. The centre will, however, cater to customers other than Neilsen as well."

This is where the value co-creationization trend of the new world starts. We will see more of these I am sure. Last year I was in a call with a US business school professor - the so called expert in Outsourcing and offshoring IT, I asked him how Indian IT firms can get into large 100M - 1000M $ Long term deals? His answer was there are not many such deals and anyway they would prefer only Near-site vendors - well Dear Professor, the world is changing in a big way - and its not about US alone by the way!
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