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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Writing Skills

I have been asking many of my colleagues - past, present and even future, why don't you write your ideas? Answers - We believe in action; We have never done that; I don't believe in write concept papers; That's the work of theoreticians; I don't have time; I have been in delivery so much and I haven't seen the need to write anything; Go take a walk; The higher you are in your organization, more likely you will write less.

Well, conceptualizing without articulation is a colossal waste of your mind. Further we are not teaching our kids also the writing skills - not the way to write - but coneptual articulation of thoughts.

PEM - a company in Singapore has come out with a software for kids to write creatively. I think it is more needed by the corporate world - especially the Top level managers of IT companies.
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