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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Innovation Tips and Dead Paradigms

How different are the tips given at the Economist Innovation Awards - by the speakers from major companies - Industry Experts have spoken about -

(1) Open Attitude
(2) Innovation @ the speed of people's life
(3) The Key to finding new ideas is to remain "Indifferent" from where they came from
(4) Let go of Engineering Control

They are all the new principles of success in the Globalizing Innovation Complexity (GIX) that we are seeing expanding rapidly

Further, Customer service has changed to customer engagement - its dialogue with the customer to work with him in his context to solve problems. The practical steps in the blogpost here are very interesting indeed.

Finally, the death of hierarchy which I predicted in my book Strategic Decision Making is becoming a need in all enterprises... Its the death of the Organization charts. Enterprises need to be flattened otherwise they are in for death sentence!
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