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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Resilience Thinking

I have been advocating three different dimensions of thinking to be combined together to solve global problems - systems thinking, inventive/design thinking and Lean thinking - in contrast to the analogical thinking that we are used to.

The speech quoted in the blog here calls it Resilience Thinking

1. The first principle of resilience thinking is systems thinking
2. Resilience thinking means abandoning command-and-control approaches.
3. The heart of resilience is diversity.
4. Sustainability means staying in the game for the long haul.

We know some other keys to resilience.

• Build community and social capital. Resilience resides in enduring relationships and networks that hold cultural memory the same way seeds regenerate a forest after a fire.
• Empower local communities to solve their own problems. Governance usually works best when it's closest to the ground and includes all stakeholders across all levels.
• Beware of systems being too tightly connected, because one shock to the system can cause them all to crash at the same time.
• And above all--learn, experiment and innovate.

This is an execellent way to build an enterprise in the new world as well - one can ask Toyota Motors - again!

Re-imagine the world is the call in the article - a very nice speech indeed by the founder of Bioneers - Kenny Ausubel
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