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Friday, October 05, 2007

Integrated Innovation Framework - Process to Systems Thinking

The process focus of 1990's has been so ingrained in the enterprises that we need hardwired processes for everything - even for creativity and Innovation. People want to nail down the steps for innovation into concrete steps to be followed religiously so that later on they can measure the process effectiveness and keep checks on the people.

I believe process is anti-innovation per se. Having said that definitely we need a framework for Innovation in the enterprises. The article "Creative Spark" also refers to the integrated innovation framework.

Taking a step further, I think - the approach to Innovation should be a Systems Approach and not a linear process. Even the framework for Innovation should look at holistic picture. Innovation need an end-to-end Systems Approach and as such will need techniques, tools, methods, methoddologies that highlight and surface the interconnectedness rather than focusing on one stream of work - say a process. As we know, Enterprises is a mesh of multiple processes entangled in a Living system like an organism which evolves, reacts to environment, feels, thinks and acts just like a living organism.

Organization structure, Strategy, Environment, processes, people, the socio-political structure of the organization need to be DESIGNED in such a way that Innovation emerges as a way of life -

Is this asking for too much?

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