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Friday, October 12, 2007

Do we have enough ideas?

It seems many Innovation Consulting firms goes to enterprises telling that you have enough ideas in your organization it is only a question of taking the few right ideas and working on them in a structured fashion to make it successful.

Obviously this is exactly what some of the top managers also want - they can work (their teams actually) on the selected ideas for 2 years, while the consulting firm facilitate the idea journey and also charging the relevant(HEAVY) fees to create Quantum Changes in the organization.

I personally believe it is really about three main metrics - Number of ideas, number of minds that are ideating for the enterprise and the average life span of an idea in the enterprise. In terms of number of minds - the maximum is to let all the minds - working for and with your enterprise in the ideation mode. That seems to be the advise to South Africa as well in the newsitem here.

Ideas Die First - then the Enterprises, of course

EMPOWERING IDEAS TOGETHER - The Mantra for the Enterprises

Power is the ability to change. When ideas are empowered, organizations succeed and grow. This is the only blueprint for success in a future characterized by increasing Globalization and hence increasing Complexity. Survival and success in such a dynamic world depends solely on continuous learning and innovation.
Modern businesses are not designed for continuous Innovation. How does one inculcate continuous innovation in large organizations? It is time to really understand and leverage each and every human mind that works in and with our organization – minds of our employees, our customers, our suppliers, our complementary partners and even our competitors. We should engage with the minds so that ideas thrive as long as we can make them live. I believe that ideas die first, and then, of course the enterprises. Empowering ideas should be our mantra and our life long quest.

Enterprises as social networking sites

Enterprises as social networking sites may be the future as per the Prof from Harvard

We have seen lot of Enterprise architecture talks - future plans... the future of Enterprise is really Facebook, Blogs and Wikis!

And you know what, it makes more sense as we know Man is a Social Animal. And presumably enterprises are actually made of human beings not machines which some of last millennium thinkers propagate. A human system needs social interaction infrastructure.

Is this the beginning of the death of large monolithic costly ERP systems and Enterprise Architectures that all the big companies are betting on!

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