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Monday, October 22, 2007

2 years and 100th Post

This is my 100th post to this blog. It started in 2005, 23rd October to be precise - with the following post

Innovation Crafting Successful exploitation of (New) ideas is innovation. One need to orchestrate or craft Innovation in a group such as a commercial organization. This is an open forum for Innovation and how to Craft it in the organizations.

I am not sure how much I have kept it to the initial post and initial theme. However, sub-consciously I think I tried to keep it as is articulated above. The Blog may not have become an open forum for Innovation, however, I have found nice open friends through this journey. They are also in their professional and personal life are pondering about these questions - in their own particular and obviously peculiar ways - just like I do -:).

In 2005, I posted only 5 posts and in 2006 only 6. It so happened that I forgot my password to the Blog after initial 2005 postings and I also believe I was plain lazy and indisciplined in not regularly posting to the blog. Sometimes in late 2006, I met a young software quality assurance (SQA) expert in my previous organization, who was interested in the fact that I maintain a blog of my own. However, it was he who was having a much active blog and definitely more creative blog - His name is shambu nashipudi and he maintains a Blog which has a flavour and pizzaz that is missing in my blog anyway. It is called
I & My Alter-ego.......
..just the guy-next-door who is passionate about living !!!

Shambu showed me how to use the Blogspot with more dexterity. Also since Blogspot was acquired by google, my gmail account became a hook onto the Blog.

Through exploration of the Innovation space especially TRIZ which I am trying to grapple with for last 5 years or so, I came into contact with an extremely passionate TRIZNIK named Prakash. He is the person who has bought all TRIZ books or atleast is trying to buy. I have a feeling his passion for TRIZ is much more than his passion for other things - such as Shambu mentions in his blog :). However, Prakash has been an fantastic collaborator - in at least thinking together. His Blog TRIZIT is a manifestation of his passion for TRIZ. As like all of us, he is also puzzled and is grappling with why TRIZ hasnt become the technique of the world - where the world uses and expands it as a de facto method of inventing something new.

Prakash introduced me to Prashant Joglekar, through emails - another TRIZ enthusiast. Initially, I was skeptical about one more - so called Nawab's of TRIZ that India has produced for last 3-4 years, the self-professed TRIZ experts. However, Prashant proved to be different. An extremely passionate, knowledgable and action oriented person. I met him first time about a month back in Mumbai - I must say he is brilliant. He also started a Blog of his own and he makes it a point that with every new entry to his post - all his readers should read - by sending an email notice of new postings on his blog. Keep it up Prashant, we need more people like you - His blog is Prashantinnofuture.

Last year we received an email asking from details about Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and how it can be applied to software estimation - from Pankaj Bhawnani. This was in response to one of our papers published in Global Software Development Scenarios conference held in Brazil. We could not do much together with him, yet we connected together. His pasion is software project management and he started his blog at Art and Science of Software Project Management . He told me that he is writing a Book on the same topic, I wish him to finish off asap, so that we get to read it. I havent met Pankaj, but I am sure we will connect very well - its amazing how much we can see each other through our blogs.

Suresh my ex-colleague and a very good friend has only one post on his Blog - yet it is a start. He must be in the same mode that I was in 2005 and 2006 when I posted a total of 11 posts. Is he a reluctant blogger - thats what it looks - may be it all depends upon the specific environment that one is in - however I am sure, Suresh's Blog is an experience about to happen for all his readers including me who would like to know whats going on - he call his weblogs as ALOCHAN. I think the second post is about to happen and once it is done with - we will have more of Suresh.

Above all the person whom I can claim to be close to ideal is Karthik - I have kept his mention at the last as I think he sums it all - not necessarily in his blog which also has the problem of less frequency of posts, but more from the point of view of how many ideas can happen - Karthik in my interactions with him is multiple ideas happening together - may be this creates a delay in articulation - yet at the end his thoughts expressed in his writings are very new - which is not a small achievement by any means. He Blogs at Kartzpot although it will help me more if there are more posts on his blog. Above all Karthik, keep your originality intact.

In effect, if I read all the blogs - Karthik, Suresh, Pankaj, Prashant, Prakash and Shambu, I can say we are in for a enthralling spiral of weblogs that will definitely create a future that we all subscribe to -

This is my 100th post - and I wish to thank all of you for your influence, help and direction in taking my thinking to levels that would have been impossible without such interactions - Thanks a lot Karthik, Prakash, Prashant, Suresh, Pankaj and Shambu. I am aiming to finish the next 100 posts in half the time :)

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