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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My Personal 20 Point Programme (28th December 1991)

My Personal 20 Point Programme - December 28, 1991

  1. Nurture all creative urges
  2. Enjoy leisure time to the full
  3. Work with humour and without emotions
  4. Set objectives and achieve them
  5. Do voluntary social work
  6. Participate in all activities but avoid useless parties/company/formalities
  7. Take control over your time through efficient management
  8. Be sensitive to others but dont overdo it that they start taking advantage of you
  9. Be humble, open-minded and clear
  10. Keep two separate outlooks - professional and personal
  11. Listen to everything - but avoid idle gossips/futile talks
  12. Play upon others egos and listen to their boasts - eliminate your own ego
  13. Never take advantage of others/ Try to solve their problems/ Be sensitive
  14. Listen carefully to everything and everyone
  15. Cultivate relationships/friendships after careful observation and experiences
  16. Continuously assess people
  17. Keep Records
  18. Avoid all negative feelings/ Eliminate all fears
  19. Cultivate the smile (true)
  20. Be honest to your self
I am not very sure how much I have imbibed these - but some of these I still think I need to do, some of the points are really not in my nature at all. So this list in my history - might have helped my subconscious - I am talking about 17 years old list!

The death of large Monoliths

GM, Ford “On Verge of Bankruptcy”?

Three years back - indications were clear - the trends indicated very clearly why these companies are going OFF....

Why Toyota, Honda and others will be winning - continuously!

In hind sight one can say "we told you so" - at the moment the decision makers do not listen.....

Who will be the next - in 2015 shall we say Microsoft will be on the verge or is it 2020!

351st Post, Chaos Theory for Forecasting

This is the 351st post to the blog - an important milestone for me

Can the principles of chaos theory help in our forecasting techniques?

I found a very interesting paper from the book,

Managing Organizational Complexity: Philosophy, Theory, and Application
A Volume in: Managing the Complex, pages 167-182.
2005 by Information Age Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1-59311-319-6 (cloth), 1-59311-318-8 (paper)

The paper is

Liu Hong and Kurt A. Richardson

They explain the forecasting as

Trajectory Predicting
Range Forecasting
Qualitative Futuring

The import of the paper for me is that before getting into any forecast one need to understand how much of system is composed of what are called strange attractors or for that matter other attractors.

Given our obsession with forecasting - technological, business and what not, it is important to understand what are we forecasting and what really can be the limits to accuracy of forecasts!

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