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Friday, August 15, 2008

Fastest Growing Social Networks



Jun-07 Jun-08
FaceBook 52 Million 132 Million
MySpace 114 Million 117.5 Million
Hi5 28 Million 56 Million
Friendster 24 Million 37 Million
Orkut 24 Million 34 Million

From : 5 Social Networks That Are Growing Worldwide

The slide show

Love Letters are Stress Busters - How to reduce Cholesterol

If you want to reduce stress - in fact cholesterol levels - the cheapest way without any side effects - is to "WRITE LOVE LETTERS" regularly.

Well, not exactly love letters but what generically is called "Affectionate Writing" in the post about a psychological study here

The post say the study was done on two small samples of college students hence it should be taken with a little bit of caution.

Some days back - I wrote the below post on how I find blog writing to be a stress buster...

Blog Writing - A Stress Buster

Well now there is evidence as well - just the blog has to be addressed as an affectionate letter to someone you feel affectionately.

If you know there are some people who regularly read what you dish out, and there is an evidence in terms of say comments etc, then there is an automatic affection developed for your readers.

Then there is an element of communication with All....

I intuitively feel this is a valid result.....

I am planning to get my cholesterol test done now!

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