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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ignore Social Networking - prepare for business downfall

The headline of a Report on social networking says

Research and Markets: As the Number of Business Users of Social Networks Increases, Advertising Expenditures Will Rise Accordingly, Reaching an Estimated $210 Million in 2012

The New Business Doctrines of the co-creating world has to factor in the social networks. The future is Networked - we know - but it is about social networks - is a new insight and mind you pyramidal businesses built on centuries of Hierarchical thinking dont even understand networks - now how on earth these are expected to understand and leverage Social Networks!

It is a challenge!

Amazon buys Shelfari

Amazon buys Shelfari

This is not such a black swan as HP buying EDS, since both Amazon and Shelfari deals with books. But really - everyone is hooked onto the social networking phenomenon.

The news item at Informationweek gives the indication of future trends. Every company will create social networking capability within and outside the company.

Question really is not about whether or not - it is when you will have your social network ?

Are you ready for Co-creation through social networks - you better be!

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