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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Creativity Innovation Self-Organization and Controversies

Two books have been written and are being sold in the market. They are Lifecode: From Egg to Embryo by Self-Organization and LifeCode: The Theory of Biological Self Organization

A Blogger reads the book and critics it - negatively on his blog

The author sues the blogger for Libel.

What shall we make out of this? Freedom of speech -
Author seems to have written contrarian view of human life saying the human body develops through mechanical processes illustrated through fantastic pictures. This is against the existing view of how life emerges etc.

The reviewer of course speaks of the book in negative terms.

Both are free to speak - Author is negating the existing world view of life and reviewer is negating author's view...

I believe all should be free to express their views ...

One thing we need to really consider by the way - How much the book's sale has increased...
Wired Magazine Blog covers it as well

Co-Creationization - The begining of the age of co-creation

When you will be designing the hotel room that you will be checking in (see the link above) - this is the new age - the logical child of GIX -Globalizing Innovation Complexity. I call it the Co-creationization - this the next world order - Are you ready for the continuous creativite challenge - where you create the choices that you want - Are you creative enough!!!

The producer and consumer are co-creating in an orgy of innovation that is unprecedented. Look at what is there - in your spare time create the hotel room that you would like, the books that you would like to read, your hobbies etc. Keep it in your profile. As soon as you check in a hotel, a city, a hospital - yes!!! a movie theatre, a shopping mall, an airport or railway station, your profile goes with you and the world that you want has been created by the producer who has modularized his products - so as to reconfigure as per your needs anywhere anytime.

Welcome to the world of Co-creationization - bye bye globalization!

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