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Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Billion $ Long Term IT Contracts

The 1.2 Billion $ contract won by TCS indicates the shape of things that we will be seeing from now onwards. For those who view this at the lower end of the Value Spiral, please read the details -

"In addition, the scope of the partnership includes setting up an innovation centre for next generation businesses in information and media. The centre will, however, cater to customers other than Neilsen as well."

This is where the value co-creationization trend of the new world starts. We will see more of these I am sure. Last year I was in a call with a US business school professor - the so called expert in Outsourcing and offshoring IT, I asked him how Indian IT firms can get into large 100M - 1000M $ Long term deals? His answer was there are not many such deals and anyway they would prefer only Near-site vendors - well Dear Professor, the world is changing in a big way - and its not about US alone by the way!

Innovation @ Economist

Many have seen the Economist report on Innovation, I am sure.

I read it with an interest to gain some insight. Besides stating the obvious - that Open Innovation is the new thing and India China are the new Innovation Tsunamis that America should be aware of (As is US has the sole monopoly on Innovation, and if anyone else Innovates, it is a threat to US) - nothing of really deep insight emerged from the set of articles.

Am I reading too many of these surveys, reports etc, or there remains this fuzziness in the Innovation Landscape that insights are impossible to emerge - That remains a point to ponder for me.

Well so be it - One point in the set of articles in Economist though is that "Innovation requires freedom - and Mass Innovation requires mass freedom" - Globalizing Innovation will require globalizing freedom. If freedom can be globalized, Innovation will be globalized and in fact fuel globalization to ward of the complexity.

This is happening anyway, whether any existing powerful nations or corporations are threatened or not - GIX is here and happening rapidly...

Non-Linear Business Models

The article referred here is about why ICICI is saying buy HCL Tech stocks. Whether you buy or not, I have no guideline for the reader. However one very interesting shift is the statement below

iv) innovative pricing models such as outcome-based, output-based and device-based pricing to provide non-linearity to the business models,

How do we provide Non-linearity to our business model. Is there a way to get out of business model which is based on number of billable resources - meaning people.

Taking a page out of Black Swan by Nissam Nicholas Taleb - how do we move from Mediocristan to Extremistan - At Least someone in IT industry is thinking and executing rather than providing lip service alone!

Writing Skills

I have been asking many of my colleagues - past, present and even future, why don't you write your ideas? Answers - We believe in action; We have never done that; I don't believe in write concept papers; That's the work of theoreticians; I don't have time; I have been in delivery so much and I haven't seen the need to write anything; Go take a walk; The higher you are in your organization, more likely you will write less.

Well, conceptualizing without articulation is a colossal waste of your mind. Further we are not teaching our kids also the writing skills - not the way to write - but coneptual articulation of thoughts.

PEM - a company in Singapore has come out with a software for kids to write creatively. I think it is more needed by the corporate world - especially the Top level managers of IT companies.

Institutionalizing Curiosity - Toyota Again

I have been avoiding posting Toyota for a month now. But its amazing how many people keep on discovering the company. I remember late 1990s when the flavour of the world was General Electric and its mercurial CEO - Jack Weltch. Yet Toyota has been the company that has created a long term systemtic effect in the world through an almost trivial set of common sensical principles. They seem trivial when one articulates - almost simplistic - yet they have proven to be profound and extremely difficult to imbibe - especially by the westernized Harvard influenced management thinking.

It is about people. And now comes a new book and its articulation as Institutionalizing Curiosity. The article ends with "These companies pioneered new products, discovered new markets, and created innovative approaches at a much faster rate than their competitors. They went ashore, and reaped the benefits of doing so." - Well its How fast you Innovate? The GIX Bang is about speed!

Revisiting Globalization

The recent policy articulation by European Union to embrace globalization need to be juxtapositioned with what is happening to Globalization forces in US and other parts.

In Washington there was an anti-globalization protest and it turned violent. I remember in early 1990s US was telling India to open up its economy else.... Now who is closing the economy and more importantly WHY?

A perspective comes in the Seoul times titled Globalization of Hunger - we produce enough food to feed twice the world population and yet 854 Million people are chronically hungry.

Can the forces shaping globalization make it happen - the harmonious distribution of FOOD. Can technology help? More than technology, I think it is the people's will to act in this arena that may help.

16th October was the The World Food Day. People need to come to streets to fight against the unequal distribution of food in the world and take it politicians and policy makers rather than talking about anti-globalization.

Make Globalization of Food to happen - to meet the globalization of hunger. How can we Innovate in this? Are there contradictions (the TRIZ experts) or is there a Supply Chain Management (SCM) issues or can we create continuous improvement by eliminating waste (The Lean Experts) or can we implement the process controls to ensure equal distribution of food (the six sigma experts) - Why we dont apply these to world problems? May something to think about..... Wishes for the World Food Day!

I wrote a small poem about a decade back


The morning Sun like a baked circular chapatti
Sky like a blue pan
Everyday ask me
What is hunger?

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