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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Last Year's TRIZCON 2007 Paper

Last year's TRIZCON 2007 paper on Lean Product Development and TRIZ (Set Based Concurrent Engineering) is also available for download at the Altshuller Institute web site under Inside TRIZ section.

Set-Based Concurrent Engineering (SBCE) and TRIZ - A Framework for Global Product Development

Navneet Bhushan Wipro Technologies

Continuously increasing complexity in the modern day systems call for radically different approaches to ensure high levels of functionality, quality and performance in new product development. Increasing globalization indicates that the world will witness more of Global Product Development (GPD). Further the problems of new product developers are compounded due to great amount of software that is embedded in many products. The non-physical nature of software systems, where intuition, experience and judgment of experts plays more important role than quantitative and measurable metrics of the traditional engineering world, increases the complexity for the global product developers.

To download the full PDF, click here


Last month TRIZCON 2008 I presented my paper on Ideality, TRIZ and Software Design a case study.

The paper has been featured at Altshuller Institute Site as TRIZ features (May 2008).

One can download the paper as is from the website as well.

The abstract of the paper

TRIZ Features Monthly Articles Pertaining to TRIZ
Navneet Bhushan Ideality, TRIZ and Software Design
Case Study: Software Product for Identity Security
Navneet Bhushan

Ideality as defined by Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) starts with a clear articulation of function to be achieved by the system. Once it is described, ideality is defined as function achieved without cost and with no negative impact on the system. Typically this trigger leads to strong solutions whereby the system achieves the desired function on its own - may be through the use of existing resources. Defining ideality in such terms for software products is inherently difficult due to evolutionary nature of the software systems. It is rarely the case that software system remains to the confines of functions that it was initially designed for. Invariably a software system evolves through addition of multiple functions or capabilities throughout its life...for the full article click here.

What is the function of IT?

Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) focuses on the function that system delivers and then looks at how to achieve that function in an ideal way. I have recently added that the ideal way should also include ideal structure besides no cost and no harm. The ideal structure will be least complex structure - mind you I say least complex. not simple!

Coming to TRIZ thinking for IT. What is the function that IT delivers? (Information technology)

Information Technology is viewed as performing

(1) Processing function (transformation)

Data -> Information -> Knowledge

(2) Representation of

Data -> Information -> Knowledge

(3) Communication (exchange) of

Data -> Information -> Knowledge

Is there any other function IT performs?

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